Trusted advice on the right LED lighting solution for you

The world of LED lighting can be a bit confusing. We recently carried out some market research that told us that people find it difficult to understand what LED can do for them, in particular.

  • What LED bulb to buy?
  • Where to use LED lighting?
  • What Lux levels are right for different areas of your business, school, warehouse, hospital, etc?

We know that there’s a lot of choice in the world of LED lighting. And we want to make the process as simple as possible for you. That’s where our lighting experts step in to help. We offer advice you can trust, based on our years of extensive experience in LED lighting for all types of projects. We can help you understand the technology and how it functions and share best-practice implementation techniques. We also provide guidance on selecting the right lighting to enhance different environments.

Advice for your site

Our qualified, trained electrical specialists can visit your site and carry out a thorough site survey. They take into account room size, what the space is used for, the ceiling height and condition, natural lighting, required lux levels – that’s the amount of light needed for different activities – and much more.

They will let you know of any areas where improvements can be made and send you a proposal to carry out any upgrade that might be needed.

What’s more, the site survey is FREE. Book your free site survey today