High Mast

High Mast LED Lights

EcoAlly LED high mast lights are the perfect solution to light up big outdoor areas, such as airports, sports stadiums, crossroads, roundabouts and car parks. They have a strong lumen output which provides high focus light.

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Benefits of EcoAlly High Masts

  • An extensive 50,000-hour lifespan
  • With minimal maintenance required
  • IP65 Rated
  • Instant on with no warm-up time
  • Mounted up to 36metres (Max.)

The High Mast light has high radiating technology to reduce LED body temperature and the heat sync surface is treated with anodic oxidation technology. Its special heat dissipation technology can transmit and radiate heat with high performance.

The high mast light gives between a 40 to 80% energy saving when replacing a traditional metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamp up to 1000W. Our LED High Mast luminaries can easily be retrofitted to existing poles.

Large-Scale Projects

EcoAlly has a rich heritage when it comes to installing LED lighting for large-scale projects. In fact, we lit an entire city in the Middle East, providing everything from LED street lights and stadium floodlights to commercial and domestic lighting. To find out more, check out our case studies.

We take the time conduct a full assessment and efficiency site survey to determine the best lighting solution for your project, showcasing the benefits and calculating expected savings upfront.

Why Choose LED?

LED Lighting leads the industry as private, public and business sectors upgrade their lighting installations.

Most LED bulbs have an expected life of between 25,000 and 100,000 hours which means they are longer lasting and cost-effective. They use less energy also as it takes fewer wattages to fulfil full lumen output. LED lightings promises the greatest Return on Investment by far with reduced energy bills and fewer maintenance costs. Furthermore, they will reduce your carbon footprint and provide a better working environment.


  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Docks
  • Retail parks
  • Freight terminals
  • Industrial
  • Military bases
  • Harbours
  • Steel works/Petrochemicals
  • Large car sales
  • Railways
  • Sports centres
  • Marshalling yard
  • Motorways
  • Sales and distributions centres